Stop Throwing Away This Easy Fire Starter

If you've been camping, backpacking or simply lighting backyard bonfires, then you know the importance of an easy, lightweight and reliable fire starter. Some campsites don't have enough dry leaves or pine needles to get the fire started. If you're like me you don't like using gas or lighter fluid so you're always looking for an easy fire starting alternative. Well, listen up because you've probably been throwing away a great fire starter.

Dryer lint fire starter

Did you know that dryer lint is quite flammable? It is. Stop throwing away your dryer lint and start saving it up for your next camping trip. It is light weight, easy to collect (you probably just throw it away) and it lights easily.

Here's what I do:

  • Save the cardboard rolls from inside your toilet paper rolls.

  • Clean out your dryer lint trap and place the lint inside the empty toilet paper roll.

  • Keep a few of these rolls packed with your camping gear.

  • At the campsite, build a small pile of sticks then add one dryer lint roll under the sticks and light it.

fire starter

This is a super easy way to get a fire started without lighter fluid or gas plus it's free and reuses stuff you would normally just throw away. Give it a try.

Camp fire

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