Tent Care Tips

Your tent is truly your home away from home. It's arguably the most important piece of gear you own. A good tent will keep you warm, dry and safe from the elements but high-quality tents are expensive so you've got to know how to take care of it. Follow these tent care tips to prolong the life of your tent.


How to Care For Your Tent

1. Always set up your tent on flat durable ground. Pick an established campsite if possible and brush away any rocks, sticks, pinecones or other debris before setting up your tent. Any debris left under your tent could damage the bottom tent fabric.

2.  Use a footprint to lengthen the life of your tent. The footprint gives your tent another layer of protection from abrasion or damage from the dirt.

3. Leave wet and dirty items outside of your tent. Use the vestibule area for wet boots or any other soiled gear. Keeping the dirt out of the tent will make it easier to keep clean.

4. Avoid ultraviolet light. Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the fabric of your tent. Try to camp in an area where you can set your tent up in the shade. It is also a good idea to use a solar proof spray on your tent.

5. Pitch your tent safely away from the fire. An ember from a fire can burn a hole into the tent fabirc. Always set up away from the fire and avoid setting up downwind from the fire pit.

6. Shake out any dirt before you pack it up. Simply pick up your tent and shake out all of the dirt that got inside it. You'll want to always store your tent clean and dry.

7. Take your poles apart from the center out. By starting in the center, you ease the tension over the entire shock cord and prolong the life of your poles.

8. Dry your shelter completely. Mildew and mold can ruin a tent. Always dry out your tent completely before packing it up. Pull the rain fly off the tent and lay it out to dry.

9. Don't fold your tent in the same way each time. If you fold your tent in the exact same way each time you can create creases that can shorten the life of your tent a reduce the performance of the fabric.

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