Tent Testing: How Kelty Tests Livable Tent Space

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of spending a night in a tent that didn't have enough space. Whether it's not taking gear space into account or simply choosing a tent only by the floor space, people often find there just isn't enough room in a 3-person tent for 3 adults. A recent guest post here on the Social Hub got us thinking about this problem so we reached out to our friends at Kelty to see how they measure liveable tent space.

We caught up with Frank Kvietok from Kelty's Advanced Development Center to learn about Kelty's tent testing. Frank explained that Kelty takes real living space into account in the designs of their tents and has developed a test that takes more than total floor space and peak height into account.

Tent testing Share Your Adventure Photo by Josh Belisle

By measuring not only the amount of space available for sleeping but also measuring the space available for sitting up inside the tent you can get an idea of how comfortable you'll actually be in the tent. Watch this video to see how Kelty measures and tests their tents.

As you can see, Kelty uses this test to help design tents with the most internal space available. Using ridge poles and other design features creates more headroom and ultimately makes the tents more comfortable to stay in whether it's one night, a weekend or a longer camping trip.

Check back as we'll be posting more video from our visit to the Kelty headquarters soon.

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