TrailTime Tips: Easy Way to Stake a Tent on Rocky Ground

Sometimes it's necessary to set up your tent on a rocky campsite. It can be nearly impossible to get a stake into the ground and you risk bending your stakes. Did you know you can use two rocks to secure your tent almost anywhere? Follow this quick tip and you'll be able to easily secure your tent on rocky campsites.

1. Tie a loop at the end of a guy line so you can loop the guy line around a smaller rock.

guy lines

2. Secure the line around the smaller rock as seen below.

staking a tent

3. Place a larger rock on the line to hold the smaller rock in place.

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It should look like this:

stake tent rocky ground

The guy line is tied around the smaller rock then a larger rock is placed between the tent and the smaller rock. The weight of the larger rock will hold the smaller rock in place and the tent lines will be held tight.

Tip of the week Share Your Adventure Photo by Connie Shafer

Bonus tip: If your tent doesn't have guy lines at each corner simply tie some cord to the tent's stake loops. This will allow you to use the big rock/little rock method at each point on your tent.

Want to see how to stake your tent using the big rock, little rock method? Check out this video on our YouTube Channel.

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