TrailTime Tips: Easy To Adjust Guy Line Knots

Guy lines play an important role in adding strength and stability to your tent. However, they can seem to be more trouble than they are worth. Luckily, this quick and easy to adjust guy line knot will simplify guy lines forever. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Pound your tent stake into the ground and loop the guy line around it.

Guy Line 1

Step 2: Take the tail end underneath the main guy line.

Guy line

Step 3: Working down toward the stake, wrap the tail end of the guy line around the main line once.Guy Line 3

Step 4: Wrap the tail end of the guy line around the main line one more time, working toward the stake.

guy line knot

Step 5: Loop the tail end around everything once.

tent guy line

Step 6: Fold the tail end of the guy line back on itself, and push it through the loop you made in step 5.

Guy Line 6

Step 7: Pull the knot tight.

Guy Line Knot

Step 8: Slide the knot to tension the guy line


Why Bother?

Many tents come with guy lines already attached and some even include little plastic pieces that make it easy to tension the guy lines right out of the box. However, over time the plastic pieces can break, fall off and get lost, or they may not hold tension reliably. This simple knot will ensure that you always have a quick, reliable way to get taut guy lines no matter what the situation happens to be. If you're someone who has always ignored the guy lines on your tent, hopefully this tip has you anxious to try them out. With a rain fly that flaps less in the wind, you'll be happy that you used this simple little knot. Watch our video for a step-by-step explanation for how to tie this quick and easy to adjust guy line knot. 



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