TrailTime Tips: How to Fit More Gear in Your Backpack

It never fails, every time you start to pack your backpack for a long trip into the backcountry, you discover that it's difficult to get everything into the backpack. While we suggest cutting out as many items as possible to lower your overall pack weight, there are things you just have to bring. Follow this TrailTime Tip to easily fit more gear in your backpack.

Fitting More Gear in Your Backpack

It's often said that the best way to save weight is to focus on the big 3: your tent, backpack and sleep system (sleeping bag and sleeping pad). Getting a lighter weight backpack often means giving up some space in the pack but if you pack smarter you can get all of your necessities. As the video above shows, repackaging the tent offers up a huge opportunity to save some space.

  • Take the tent, rain fly and poles out of the stuff sack.

  • Roll the tent and rain fly into a tighter ball and stuff in back into the stuff sack. You'll see it already takes up a much smaller amount of space.

  • Now strap the tent poles and stakes to the outside of the backpack using the compression straps.

backpack weight Use the compression straps to hold the tent poles

You'll see that placing the straps on the outside of the pack and repackaging the tent will free up a bunch of space. This tip may seem really simple but if you've been placing your entire tent inside the backpack, this will open up a bunch of space for those other backpacking necessities. For more tips packing your backpack click here: How to Pack a Backpack.

What do you think of this #TrailTime Tip? Have you been doing this? Tell us your other space saving tips in the comments below.
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