Increase Your Sleeping Pad's Warmth

Yes, your sleeping pad adds comfort to camping in the form of a mini, pack-able mattress. But it also acts as a means of keeping you warm, adding a layer of insulation between you and the cold ground. If you want to stay even warmer by adding another layer of insulation, look no further than the pack on your back.

Most backpacking packs feature some sort of foam back panel in an effort to bring you comfort when you're carrying a lot of weight. This same foam back paneling can keep you comfortable — or at least a little warmer — when camping in chilly temperatures. Simply empty your backpack before you turn in for the night, set the backpack face down on your tent's floor and place your sleeping pad on top of it.

The best part about this camping tip is that you don't need to carry anything extra on your excursion. Watch as Chris explains this tip and how it can be even more beneficial to ultra lightweight backpackers.

Is this a tip you'd try on your next camping or backpacking trip?
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