6 Incredible Uses For Drinking Straws in the Backcountry

Lightweight backpacking and camping often requires a bit of ingenuity to bring everything you need without breaking your back. That's why we're a big fan of outdoor hacks and DIY outdoor ideas. Here are 6 incredible uses for drinking straws in the backcountry from our buddy John at IntenseAngler Outdoors.

Backpacking Uses For Drinking Straws

  • Fire Starter - A drinking straw can provide an easy way to store your fire starter to keep it dry. Stuff a drinking straw full of a cotton ball soaked in petroleum jelly and it will light right away when you get to the campsite. This is also a great place to keep a couple of matches dry. Just place the matches inside the straw and melt the end link in the video above.

  • Spice Rack - Here's a tip we've featured in some outdoor cooking videos in the past. Fill a straw with spices to improve your camp meals. Whether you need a splash of salt, a little pepper or some parsley, a drinking straw is an easy and lightweight way to bring spices into the outdoors.

  • First Aid kit - A straw can make a great ointment packet. Leave the bottle at home and just bring along the ointment you'll need carefully sealed in the straw.

  • Medication Storage - Leave the pill bottle at home and just bring the few you'll need carefully packed into a drinking straw.

  • Transporting Liquids - Need some olive oil for your gourmet camp meal? pour the right amount of any liquid into a straw, seal it and you're set for the backcountry.

  • Survival Kit - Bring along important survival items like matches or fishing hook and emergency fishing line in a straw. Stash these lightweight survival kits in your backpack and you'll be prepared for any situation.

Check out IntenseAngler Outdoors on YouTube for more great backpacking tips.
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