Winter Camping Tip: Warm Feet Fast in the Morning

Winter camping can offer solitude and a peaceful side of the outdoors unique to the season, but keeping warm can be an issue. This is especially true for your extremities, which lose heat more quickly than the rest of your body. We've got a simple winter camping tip that will keep your feet warm and happy on those chilly mornings.

Similar to the concept of storing clothes in your sleeping bag overnight to keep them warm, sleeping with your boot liners in your bag can give your feet a boost in warmth even if your boots are frozen stiff.

If your boots have removable liners, simply remove them from your boots and sleep with them in your sleeping bag. You'll want to be sure your boot liners are dry before sticking them in your sleeping bag. Have a tendency to get cold feet? Sleep with the boot liners on your feet for extra warmth. If your feet have a tendency to sweat, don't wear the boot liners in your sleeping bag. Beginning a cold day with damp boots will start you off on the wrong foot.

In the morning your feet will be a little warmer when you slip that toasty liner into your boot, which will help make activities like starting a fire and taking down your tent easier on your extremities.

Want to see this winter camping tip in action? Hit play on the video below.

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