7 Washington Camping Spots You Need to Check Out

Washington State is full of beautiful campgrounds, so it can be hard to pick one when booking your camping trip. As the state's terrain varies greatly, there's so much variety in what type of site you get. Eastern Washington will give you hot, dry climates where you can swim and go boating. The coast lets you pitch a tent right by the water. Here's some of the best Washington camping spots for the next time you're planning a trip to the state.

1. Cape Disappointment State Park

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There's nothing quite like camping out on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. During the day, head out to Long Beach, the longest beach in the world, to run along the sand. Clamming is a popular activity during the summer, so prepare to get wet and sandy to participate in the local fun. All that activity will work up your appetite for s'mores around the campfire later.

2. White River Campground

What's more thrilling than camping by the state's largest volcano? Don't worry, Mt. Rainier is currently dormant, but it also happens to be a very scenic place in the spring and summer. The farther up the mountain you hike, the more wildflowers you'll see popping up everywhere.

3. Moran State Park

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Located on Orcas Island, camping in the San Juan Islands will be one of the most relaxing experiences you'll have. Surrounded by trees to shade you from the summer heat, the cool ocean breeze will put you to sleep every night. Hikers will love summiting Mt. Constitution for a challenging workout, plus you'll have an amazing view of the other islands and even Canada.

4. Steamboat Rock State Park

Camping in Eastern Washington means there's plenty of outdoor activities to do. Take your pick of anything from boating to kayaking to fishing. The Grand Coulee Dam is nearby for a quick activity to do during the day when you're not being active.

5. 25 Mile Creek

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You get the best of both worlds at this campsite -- a river flowing through it, and a lake at the end of it. Located in Eastern Washington, the summer generally brings warm, dry weather, making it perfectly for a swim in the lake. The location is also popular with boaters and jet skiers. If you'd rather just dip your toes in, sit next to the river and enjoy the sun.

6. Penrose Point State Park

For another camping spot out on the water, head to this state park. The beaches of the Puget Sound are perfect for kids who want to cool off in the summer months. Hike through the woods and explore all the nature the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

7. Deer Park

Camping in a rainforest is not something many people can say they've done. Away from all the bright lights of the city, you'll have some of the clearest stargazing of your life here. Keep your ears open for the different sounds of the animals that live in the rainforest. During the day, head up to the top of Blue Mountain to see views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Have you camped in Washington? Where's your favorite spot?

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