How to Select a Winter Campsite

Winter camping can be a lot of fun but there are some different things to consider when you select a winter campsite. In the summer you can get away with almost any flat campsite but you'll want to consider a few more factors during the colder weather months. In the video below, John, the IntenseAngler, describes the top things to consider when choosing a winter campsite.

Winter Camping: How to Select a Campsite

  • Choose a nice flat and level surface for pitching your tent.

  • Don't set up your tent under a tree with dead branches or snow covered branches. A wind storm can cause a dangerous situation.

  • Avoid established game trails. You won't want to be run over by wild animals in the middle of the night.

  • Consider your source of water. When winter camping, you can melt snow for your drinking water, so select a campsite with plenty of clean snow.

  • Select a campsite that is protected from the elements. Avoid exposed ridges or low spots where cool air will settle. A row of trees can work as a great wind block.

  • Orient your tent so you'll be in the morning sun.

  • Choose a campsite with a beautiful view. After all, you are in the outdoors to enjoy it so be sure to select a campsite where you can enjoy the views.

I hope this video and associated information is helpful information for helping you get outside for a winter camping trip. For more helpful outdoor tips and tricks be sure to check out the Sierra Trading Post YouTube Channel, our other helpful gear blogs, or the Sierra Trading Post Buying Guide.

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