DIY Climbing Chalk Ball

Chalk is a climber's best friend. It works to absorb moisture from finger tips and hands so that climbers can better grip the rock. Adding loose chalk or a chalk block to a chalk bag is fine for climbing outdoors, but indoor climbing walls often require chalk to be more contained. This is where chalk balls come in; they give climbers the same grip with less mess. You can easily make your own refillable climbing chalk ball with a few affordable materials.

DIY Chalk Ball Materials

DIY Chalk Ball

1. Loose chalk

2. Nylon tights

3. Cup or mug

4. Scissors

Step 1: Gather Nylon Around Cup

DIY Chalk Ball

Gather one leg of the nylons until only a few inches above the toe remains.  Put the nylon toe in the cup and stretch the gathered nylon over the cup's opening. Doing this will make a nice opening and prevent a mess when you begin pouring chalk into the nylon.

Step 2: Pour Chalk into Nylon

DIY Chalk Ball

Pour your loose chalk into the nylon. The amount of chalk you use depends on how large you want your climbing chalk ball to be. Lift the nylon out of the cup to check the size as you pour.

Step 3: Remove Nylon from Cup

DIY Chalk Ball

When your have enough chalk in the nylon, pull it out of your cup and decide where you want to tie off the chalk ball.

Step 4: Knot & Cut the Nylon

DIY Chalk Ball

Use a basic knot to secure the chalk into your nylon. Then using your scissors, cut off the remaining nylon. It might be easier to cut the nylon and then tie the knot; do this in whichever order you prefer.

Behold: Your Very Own Chalk Ball

DIY Chalk Ball

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your very own climbing chalk ball. When the ball starts getting low on chalk, simply untie it, refill it and tie it up again.

Don't let the rest of that nylon go to waste. Make chalk balls for your friends! You can follow the same process using the toe from the other nylon leg. You can also tie a knot at the end of the nylon you cut, and then go back to step one. Using this method, you can make a handful of chalk balls for only a few bucks.

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