15 Gifts under $20 for the Fit Focused

Finding the perfect gift for the runner, cyclist, yogi or triathlete in your life doesn't have to be a challenge. Fitness buffs love the rush of a great accomplishment, whether it's setting a new personal record or getting up early enough to get their sweat on before work. Help your active loved ones achieve more with gifts to keep them motivated! Take a look at this list of 15 gifts under $20 for your fitness focused friends and family.


1. SmartWool PhD Compression Calf Sleeves – Merino Wool, Footless (For Men and Women): Calf compression sleeves help keep calf cramps and shin splints -- an annoying shin pain runners know too well -- under control. These sleeves also increase blood flow, regulate temperature and speed muscle recovery. If you're not into the sleeve form, you can get compression socks, instead. (Shop all compression sleeves.)

2. Avia Universal Active Fitness Sports Sleeve Armband: Music is a great motivator. Help your active loved one take their music with them to the gym, the trail or wherever they work out with a device-holding armband. Avia's Universal Active Fitness Sports Sleeve Armband fits most smartphones and will allow your friend to use the touchscreen without removing the device from the band. (Shop all armbands.)

3. Brooks Infiniti Race Day Socks – Double Tab, Below-the-Ankle (For Men and Women): Active feet love a good pair of socks. Lightweight, breathable socks that have extra fabric in those blister-prone areas are likely to be on any athlete's wish-list. (Shop all running socks.)

4. Marmot Kompressor Flask Water Bottle – BPA-Free: Water is an essential part of training for any athletic endeavor. Marmot's Kompressor Flask is lightweight and compresses when empty, making it easy to add to your fit friend's gym bag. (Shop all water bottles.)

5. Mountain Hardwear Quasar Running Cap (For Men): Give the gift of head protection to your active friend with a running cap. Running hats are designed to protect heads from the sun while wicking moisture and making unruly hair a non-factor. (Shop all running caps.)


6. TYR The King Swim Cap: Can a swimmer ever have too many swim caps? I don't think so. Help your amphibious friend spice up their swim attire with a fun, new swim cap. The King Swim Cap by TYR might be just the gift your friend needs to cruise down that lane in beast mode. (Shop all swim caps.)

7. Blackburn Central Small Seat Bag: A bag that fits under a bike seat is a great gift for cyclists who only need to bring a few necessities with them on their rides. Help your cycling friend bring the essentials while staying light on their bike with a small bike bag. (Shop all cycling bags.)

8. Planet Bike Blaze 1-Watt LED Bike Light: Don't let the dark stop the cyclist in your life from getting their ride on. A bike light will help keep your friend safe and visible so they can keep pedaling even when the days are short. (Shop all bike lights.)

9. Shower Pass SP Liner Bike Gloves (For Men and Women): Cycling gloves are meant to keep hands warm without adding bulk that could make shifting and breaking difficult. These lightweight, breathable gloves would make a great gift to your cycling friend who rides outside even when the air is crisp. (Shop all cycling gloves.)

10. Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews – Box of 12: Every active person needs fuel. Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews are the perfect snack for fit-focused loved ones to eat on the go. (Shop all Honey Stinger snacks.)


11. Avia 3.5” Massage Balls – 2-Pack: Sore muscles, hands and feet will thank you for this gift. These massage balls will help your fit friend loosen tension and increase circulation so their muscles can stay strong and healthy. (Shop all massage balls.)

12. Wai Lana Incense Yoga Mat – 6mm: Whether doing yoga or planks, a yoga mat will make your fit friend's workout a little less painful. It's perfect for using at home or taking to the gym or yoga studio. (Shop all yoga mats.)

13. Manduka beLONG Body Roller – Recycled EVA Foam: An active friend is often a sore friend. Body rollers can be used in a variety of ways to massage those aching muscles and reduce muscle tightness and tension. (Shop all fitness accessories.)

14. Manduka unBLOK Yoga Block – Recycled EVA Foam: Yoga blocks can help aid yoga beginners who are still working on their flexibility and help experienced yogis take on advanced poses. Your yoga friend will thank you for gifting them this useful tool. (Shop all yoga accessories.)

15. Saucony Adjustable No-Slip Headbands - 3-Pack (For Women): When it comes to working out, hair doesn't always cooperate. Help your active friend tame her locks so she can focus on training like a boss. (Shop all headbands.)

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