20-Minute Total Body Outdoor Workout (with No Equipment Needed!)

Summer is officially only a few days away, and the warm weather is finally here. Aside from the hot sun and abundant sunshine, one tell-tale sign that summer is near is the trails. Hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners are out in full force, getting the most out of their workouts on the trail.

It happens every year — fitness enthusiasts begin to take their workouts nearly 100% outdoors. As a personal trainer, I know that it's fairly normal for clientele and gym membership to drop off around June.  After all, it's time to enjoy the sun, the warmth, and the beauty of the trails!

Trail Workout


I understand this concept, and it's completely valid that you can get a great cardiovascular workout from any of those outdoor activities; they're all great options to strengthen the heart muscle!  But here's the problem:  there are more than 600 other muscles in the body that need attention as well. The human body's need for strength training doesn't melt away with the snow come spring and summer.

There are endless benefits to strength training — year round, some of which include:

  • improve bone density

  • reduce joint pain

  • reduce symptoms of numerous diseases

  • achieve an athletic, toned physique

  • increase metabolic rate

  • promote confidence/healthy state of mind

However, that doesn't mean you need to take your workout indoors. You can get in a great resistance workout using only your body weight. In fact, getting in a good strength training workout in the sun with beautiful surroundings is one of my favorite ways to exercise!

Lunge Outdoor Workout

20-Minute Total Body Outdoor Workout (with No Equipment Needed!)

Total Body Workout

As you're hitting the trails this summer, don't forget to take some time to drop and do a few push ups, and always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.


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