3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Maybe you've considered working with a personal trainer and maybe it's never occurred to you hire one. Today, I'm sharing my three favorite reasons to hire a trainer. Take it from me, someone who actually really wanted to do it, but thought it "too Hollywood" to make the call and hire someone.

1. You're guaranteed fantastically productive workouts. I work out with my trainer, Ro, twice a week. (I know. Soooo Hollywood.) We alternate upper and lower body. The workout is safe, effective and meaningful. Say good-bye to lazy hours at the gym. Ro delivers a results-driven workout that takes me just 30 minutes to complete. (When I'm not working out with Ro, I'm training on my own - cardio and core plus fun stuff like hiking, skiing and yoga.)

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2. It's mindless. My friends who train and I agree: This is one time of the day when we do not plan. At all. We just do what we're told. Ro tells me what to do, shows me how to do it and then counts off the reps. I get results. It took me a while to just give in and do what I'm told, but now it feels like a luxury. And trust me, this is not lazy. I'm still the one who's sweating. (Ro, it should be mentioned, talks a lot about "putting your mind on the muscle that's working," but he plans the workout!)

3. It's costly, but so is heart disease. I watched my dad die of heart disease. He thought a lot, I think, about going getting back to his old active self, but he didn't execute. That cost him tons of time outside adventuring and a lifetime of fabulous memories. I pay Ro $30 a session twice a week. I don't drink lattes anymore. I eat out less. I buy fewer cute tops at TJ Maxx. Completely worth it. Will I always do this? Unlikely. My cheaper inner self will emerge, but the lessons I've learned, the techniques I've acquired, the form I've nearly perfected ... no one can take that away!

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It's true that I used to love my cardio. Now, I'm not sure life is worth living without a 30-minute lifting session twice a week. I hike better, faster, and I recover from crashes on the ski hill in record time.

Have you worked with a personal trainer? Why or why not?

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