5 Ways a Personal Trainer Will Change You

I work out twice a week with a personal trainer, focusing on weight training. I don't think about the cost (but I don't eat out much anymore, drink lattes or buy cute tops at TJ Maxx so frequently). It hasn't been a difficult transition for me, someone who was committed to gaining strength, beating this nagging hip pain and, well, maybe shedding a few pounds. I feel stronger than ever, and ready to tackle personal and professional challenges.

Here are five ways working with a personal trainer will change you:

1. You'll think about food as fuel, not just something to do. Yes, I eat ice cream. But not as often because it's junk food and I really don't crave it.

2. You'll eat more often. As you build strength, what you eat becomes as important as when you eat. I eat every few hours -  a tactic I tried in my pre-trainer days to lose weight. (It didn't work.) Now I just need the fuel. An ounce of almonds. An RX bar. A half-cup of yogurt with three sliced strawberries. Easy peasy to prep before I leave for work. I eat that in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. You'll actually use that gym membership. And the more you go, the easier it is to keep going. I meet my trainer twice a week, yes, but I go to the gym every weekday with little exception. I've got to get my 45-minutes of cardio in so I can keep that heart strong. (I go to the gym on weekends if that's the only way I'm going to get a workout in. Otherwise weekends are for #trailtime! Duh!)

4. You'll actually know people at your gym! And they will say hello to you! And you'll recognize them as regulars and a resource to spot you or show you how to use a new-to-you piece of equipment! Ahhh! A healthy community is yours for the joining!

5. You'll think being not-sore is ... weird. (But a great trainer won't leave you limping either.) This is probably my most favorite aspect of weight lifting with my trainer, Ro. I decided to hire him after having a full 80 hours of upper body soreness. (I rarely get sore!) Ro told me I just added too much weight too quickly. It hasn't happened since I began working with him, and I miss that awesome slight soreness that building muscle delivers when I don't get both workout sessions in.

What do you think? How has working out with a trainer changed you?
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Juliette Rule
Juliette Rule is a former social media and public relations manager for Sierra Trading Post. She loves riding her mountain bike or road bike - in every Colorado season. Juliette lives in Fort Collins, Colo., with her rescued Australian cattle dog, Maszlo.
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