5 Yoga Block Uses to Improve Your Practice

You find a great spot in yoga class and are waiting to get your weekly dose of zen when you spot a number of classmates grabbing yoga blocks. Does this mean you should grab one, too? Or can you make it through class with just your mat, water bottle and can-do attitude?

While not necessary, yoga blocks are a relatively simple and helpful tool that can help you step up your yoga practice. Here are five reasons you should incorporate yoga blocks into your practice.

1. Get an Assisted Stretch

yoga block

Some people shy away from yoga because they aren't flexible. But one of the main benefits of yoga is increased flexibility. Yoga blocks can act as stretching training wheels for those of us who struggle to touch our toes. You can incorporate a yoga block in a number of stretches to make that stretch more comfortable for you.

2. Get a Deeper Stretch

On the flip side, yoga blocks can help you get a deeper stretch once you become more limber. One stretch that often incorporates a yoga block is the classic seated stretch of grabbing your feet with your legs straight out. A yoga block can be placed at the base of your feet to give you a deeper stretch.

3. Bring the Ground Closer

Yoga Block

I love getting that deep stretch yoga provides. But balancing poses? Not so much. If you struggle with balance, too, a yoga block can help you stabilize yourself. The yoga block acts as a way of bringing the ground closer to you, so in certain poses you can rest a balancing hand or foot on the block if reaching for the floor seems unreasonable. You can wean yourself off of the yoga block by flipping its position each week to slowly start bringing yourself closer to the ground.

4. Hold a Position Longer

If you use a yoga block to assist a stretch, you should be able to hold this stretch for the entire duration. Struggling in a yoga stretch likely means you'll fall out of it before the intended release, but using a yoga block will help you get the full stretch (even if it is assisted). Holding a stretch for the time intended will help you improve your flexibility and become a better yogi.

5. Prevent Injury

yoga block

If you're nursing an injury or your body just doesn't feel up to getting into certain positions, a yoga block can help. One position yoga blocks often assist is bridge. By placing the yoga block at the small of your back, you can get the benefits of this stretch without the risk of tweaking something. It's a win-win!


Yoga blocks don't have to be restricted to yoga. #TeamSierra blogger and personal trainer Paige Kumpf shares a few ways you can incorporate a yoga block into your fitness routine.

If you think you can benefit from any of these uses, be sure to grab a block before your next class. Or better yet, get your own yoga block to use at home!
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