Pronate or Supinate: How to Find the Best Running Shoes

Do you Pronate or Supinate? Answering this simple question will help you find the most comfortable running shoes for your feet. Everyone's feet are slightly different so start your search for comfortable shoes by taking the wet foot test to determine your arch type. Watch this video or follow the directions below to learn how to find the best running shoes for your foot type.

How to Determine Your Arch Type: Wet Foot Test

Finding your arch type is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Get your foot wet.

  • Step onto a surface that will show the imprint of your foot.

  • Match your footprint to the arch type below.

Arch pronation vs. supination

Now that you know your foot type and whether you pronate or supinate, you can start looking for running shoes that will properly fit your feet. Use the below guidelines to find the best running shoes for you.

Normal Arch = Neutral Pronation: Try cushion or light stability shoes

Flat Arch= Overpronation: Try stability or motion controlled shoes.

High Arch= Underpronation: Try cushion shoes

For more details on pronation and supination visit our Running Shoe Guide and also check out our 5 Tips for Choosing Running Shoes.
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