Sweat with Your Sweetheart: 5 Date Ideas for a Fit Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and maybe you have reservations at your favorite restaurant. Or perhaps you planned a date night in, complete with a movie, a box of chocolates, and the couch.

How about trying something different this year? If you're reading this, I have a sneaking suspicious that you love to be active and you love adventure.

While having a partner who's as active as you are doesn't always make or break a relationship, being active together can be a total bonding experience.

5 Valentine Date Ideas

Instead of planning a typical Valentine's Day date this year with your love, give these five date options a try, and bust a sweat with your sweetheart!

1.Rock Climb

Talk about an exhilarating experience! Scaling a rock wall 50 feet up, with your significant other guiding you must be the ultimate trust builder.

If you're a beginner, indoor rock climbing gyms are a great option, and most are set up to accommodate all levels of experience.

Rock Climb Date

2. Try an outdoor workout together

One of my favorite partner workouts is based on each other's timing and speed. Person A performs and counts out the reps of one exercise, while person B completes a different exercise until person a is finished.

Couple Workout

Round 1
Partner A — 20 sit ups
Partner B — squat jumps (performed until partner A is done with all 20 sit ups)
Switch! Repeat 2 times

Round 2
Partner A — 15 push ups
Partner B — alternating lunges (take it up a notch with plyometric lunges!)
Switch! Repeat 2 times

Round 3
Partner A — 15 pike presses
Partner B — hold a plank
Switch! Repeat 2 times

3. Visit a Trampoline Park

If you're interested in staying indoor this Valentine's Day, taking your date to a trampoline park is a great way to get in tune with your inner kid, laugh, and get silly. Check out trampoline parks near you (and try to go during a time where there won't be too many real kids) to get your bounce on.

4. Plan a Ski Trip

Valentines Ski Trip

Take your date to the slopes by planning a trip to a nearby ski resort. It's so much fun to explore a new place, while at the same time being active and channeling your sporty side. Bonus points if your day on the mountain ends with a cozy night complete with a hot tub and a bottle of wine.

5. Play Tourists

Is there a city or landmark within driving distance that you haven't explored yet? Pack a lunch, grab your camera and take a road trip! Explore your destination by foot, capturing scenic views and memories in the process.

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