4 Aspects of Good Running Form

Do you have good running form? Good running posture, proper cadence, accurate foot strike and proper lean all play into a good running form. Watch the video or keep reading to learn how to improve your running form.

Good Running Form

Improve your running form by examining each of these factors.

Posture - For good running posture you'll want to keep your spine straight and your shoulders back. Don't slouch over. Keep your head up with your chin parallel to the ground.

Foot Strike - The ideal strike of the foot for running is a mid-foot strike. That means the middle of your running shoe is the first to hit the ground. You'll want to avoid a heel strike for the best running form.

Cadence - The ideal running cadence is 180 steps per minute. If you are taking less than 180 steps per minute you'll want to bump it up through practice and training.

Lean - Your body should be leaning forward into the next step. To find the correct lean you'll want to lean forward until gravity makes you feel like you have to take a step. See the above video for more instruction.

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