How to Keep a Resolution: 6 Methods for Staying Motivated

Knowing how you want to improve yourself is easy. Setting goals based on improvements you want to make is also relatively simple. But following through? This can be a challenge. If you're trying to figure out how to keep a resolution, you've come to the right place.

how to keep a resolution

These six methods to keeping a resolution are simple, but they can make a huge difference in accomplishing your goals.

1. Set realistic goals.

The first step in keeping a resolution is making sure the goals associated with it can be accomplished. Think through goals carefully to make sure they are challenging enough to push you without being unattainable. Nothing kills motivation quite like working toward an impossible goal.

2. Share your resolution.

Telling people about your resolution makes you more accountable. Share your goals with friends and family, and ask them to check in with you on your progress. You can also join online communities filled with people who have similar goals. Strava is one app that immerses users into a running or cycling community. You can track, analyze and share workouts for others to like and comment on. Apps like this can help you stay on track with goals.

3. Enlist a friend.

Find a friend, neighbor or family member with a similar resolution and work toward it together. Forming new habits is easier with a buddy. Challenge each other, be accountable for one another and share struggles and successes. Having someone work toward a resolution with you is a fun and simple way to stay motivated.

4. Join a club.

If you can't find a friend who shares a similar resolution, look for area clubs to join. Many communities have running and cycling clubs. Book clubs and cooking clubs are also available for non-fitness goals.  Again, a sense of community is vital when it comes to keeping resolutions.

5. Use technology.

Maybe you thrive on data and tracking success. If that is a solid motivator for you, invest in technology to help you do so. High tech sports watches, like GPS watches, can track and store a variety of data that can help you track progress. This is taken up a notch when paired with a heart rate monitor. Even simple fitness trackers can help track steps and calories burned, so you'll know if you need to ramp things up.

6. Sign up for a race or event.

Nothing helps get you in gear like a deadline, right? If your resolution is health-related, signing up for an event (whether it's a marathon or a 5K) can boost your likelihood of achieving your goal. Once the registration is paid and a date is set, it's go-time.

Now that you have a better idea of how to keep a resolution, set some goals and get to work!
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