How to Stay Motivated with your Fitness Goals this Fall

It's hard to stay motivated to workout regularly during the fall and winter months. I find it easy in the spring and summer because I'm looking forward to big summer activities but in the cooler months it's easy to stay inside and skip the workout. Follow these 5 tips to stay motivated this fall.
  1. Train for Something- Sign up for a 5k, half marathon or other type of race or activity. There are many 5k races that happen throughout the autumn months. If you sign up for a race, you'll have something to train for. You're less likely to make up excuses if you have an upcoming event to look forward to.
  2. Make it Fun- Having a hard time running on a treadmill? Why not meet a friend for a game of racquetball, join an adult basketball league or simply hit the gym with a partner. If your workout is fun, you'll be more likely to not skip it.
  3. Try Something New- You've been doing the elliptical machine at the gym for too long. Try that Zumba class for a change. Maybe you've reach a plateau on your bench press routine, try a cross-fit workout. The change will shock your muscles and make the whole workout more fun.
  4. Set Goals/ Track Your Progress- You like running? Try keeping track of your time and try to beat that time. Or keep track of the total number of miles you run in a month then set a goal to try and beat it the following month.
  5. Build your Schedule Around it- After work you go straight to the gym or trail. Once your workout becomes part of your daily schedule, it will feel weird when you skip it. Your whole routine will be out of whack. Scheduling a workout into your daily routine will help you keep it up day to day.

Stay Motivated this fall

Use these 5 tips to stay motivated and avoid burnout. You can reach your fitness goals year round if you schedule it, set goals, try new things and make it fun. Try these fitness motivation tips to reach your goals. Do you have other tips? Leave them in the comments below.
Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
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