Improve Your Cycling With This Simple Tip

Proper seat adjustment will ensure a comfortable ride and will help you pack on the miles more efficiently. Not sure how to adjust your saddle? Follow these simple tips to adjust your bike seat and improve your cycling experience.

1. Make sure that your bike seat is level- Simply loosen the seat clamp bolt, level the seat then tighten the bolt.

2. Adjust your seat height- The ideal seat height will give you just a slight bend in your knee at the bottom of your pedal stroke. Ideally, your leg will be at about 90% of full extension. See video above for more information.

3. Adjusting seat for-and-aft - To get the right seat adjustment, ensure that your knee is over the front part of your pedal when the crank arm is parallel to the ground. Simply loosen the seat clamp bolt and slide the seat forward or backward until you're in the right position.

improve your cycling

Use those three basic adjustments to dial in the perfect cycling seat position. You can find more Bike Fit advice in our buying guide.
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