Outdoor Workout Tips to Keep You Moving this Winter

You don't need a gym membership to get in shape, even if you live in a winter wonderland. With the right gear and preparation, you can work out outside year-round.

Follow these tips to stay safe and comfortable while staying fit outside this winter.

Dress Appropriately

Cold Weather Running

Gearing up for a cold-weather workout is all about layering. Clothes that can manage your sweat while keeping you warm are must-haves for chilly workouts. Read our blog post on outdoor workout apparel to learn more about what to wear. Keep in mind the rule of thumb is to start cool when doing any aerobic activity outdoors. If you're warm when you start your workout, you'll really be sweating once you raise your heart rate and that translates into discomfort fairly quickly.

Check Conditions

When planning your workouts, make sure you check the weather and road or trail conditions before setting out. Roads might be clear where you live, but that doesn't mean your favorite running path won't be slick or snow-covered. If you live in a mountain state, temperatures can fluctuate between town and a well-known trail. Get as much information as you can before you head out.

Warm up Properly

Cold weather makes you prone to injury, so be sure to warm up properly before starting your workout. This means getting in some light aerobic activity and stretching before starting the main workout you had planned. Toe touches, hip circles and arm circles are good parking lot warm up moves.

Embrace the Elements

If you're planning to work out outside, be prepared for conditions that aren't always ideal. Having excuses such as, "it's snowing," "it's below 32 degrees Fahrenheit," and "it's too windy," at your disposal can be dangerous to your fitness routine. To get the most out of staying active outdoors, you'll need to learn to embrace the elements while staying safe. That means having the right gear and apparel for your climate.

Mix it Up

If your enthusiasm or discipline have diminished, maybe you're tired of your outdoor fitness routine. If that's the case, try something new. Doing a fun aerobic activity like snowshoeing or cross-country skiing with friends in place of your usual solo running or cycling routine can help motivation. Plus, it's fun ... to have a beer with friends post-workout! Check out our blog post on fun ways to stay in shape during the winter for ideas on how to mix up your workout.



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