How to Not Get Hit by a Car: Simple Road Cycling Tips

The most dangerous part of road cycling is riding in traffic. With cell phone use in cars, distracted drivers and road rage, bicyclist are often put in unnecessary risk. You've obviously got to wear a helmet and pay attention to what is going on but check out these quick tips on how to not get hit by a car.

how to not get hit by a car Photo by Rob Annis

1. Follow the Law - This is easy. Stop at all stop signs and stop lights, obey all posted traffic signs and don't ride on sidewalks. Cyclists who do not obey the law put themselves at risk of being hit by a car.

2. Be Noticeable - Wear bright colors, use a headlight and reflectors. Try to stand out from the surroundings. Make eye contact with drivers. Wave your hands or make other movements as you approach an intersection.

3. Be Predictable - Don't weave in and out of parked cars. Ride in a straight line and avoid suddenly swerves into traffic. Signal your turns and make you intentions as obvious as possible.

4. Pay Attention - Always watch for turning vehicles when you approach an intersection and slow down in heavy traffic areas. Keep an eye out for obstacles such as potholes that may cause you to swerve.

5. Use Safety Gear - Always wear a helmet, use a mirror to help see what's coming behind you and use lights and reflectors to increase your visibility.

It's impossible to prevent all accidents but if you follow these road cycling tips you can improve your odds of not being hit by a car. Be safe out there and have fun.

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