SUP Yoga... For the Non-Graceful

Gracefulness has never been something that I possessed.  I often have legs covered in bruises, and I have no idea what I bumped into to get them.  However, I am willing to try almost anything at least once, so of course when a friend of mine proposed trying out the first SUP yoga class at our local recreation center, I dove right in.

I have never been on a surfboard or paddleboard so it made perfect sense (with my lack of grace) for my first time on one to be while doing yoga, right?  While I was a bit nervous about it, I jumped at the idea of yoga on a paddleboard.

SUP deck practice Photo courtesy of The Paul Stock Aquatic & Recreation Center

I showed up for the class to see my friend and 4 others already beside the pool and six long paddleboards lying on the deck of the pool.  I was a bit relieved when we started comparing notes and none of the other students had ever done something like this before either.  Phew, I wasn't the only newbie!

We did several different warm-up poses on the side of the pool before the owner of Gradient Mountain Sports jumped in to show us what the heck to do with a paddleboard.  He started with the basics of how to get on the board and how to maneuver yourself around the pool without a paddle; then he showed up a few ways of getting back on the board should we fall off. Yep, there was that tingle of nervousness in my stomach!

SUP yoga

Always willing to try things, I jumped on my board first and moved out into the open water of the pool while the other students and our instructor got on their boards, and we were ready to start yoga.  The instructor kept the moves relatively easy for this first class, and I was actually able to do them all while staying ON the board!

I had so much fun trying out this new sport that I have since taken the class (which is only offered twice a month) another time.  During my second class, I did my first partial headstand ever...and I did it on a paddleboard!!

SUP yoga in the pool Photo courtesy of The Paul Stock Aquatic & Recreation Center

While trying new things can still make me a bit anxious in my thirties, I have also learned that the old adage is true.  You never know if you like something until you try it!  Is there something that you haven't tried and the idea of trying it has always made you a bit nervous?  Why not give it a try?  You might end up loving it just like this non-graceful, clumsy woman has found that she loves a sport filled with balance and agility ;)

**Editor's note: Kristie is a semi-regular contributor to the Sierra Social Hub. You can learn more about the outdoors, food and Kristie's adventures on her blog: An Appetite for Adventure.**

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