Pose Perfect: Our Top 5 Yoga Essentials

Yoga is meant to unclutter your mind, not add clutter to your closet. You don't need much to practice yoga, but a few necessities can help make it a better experience. With these five yoga essentials, you'll be on your way to perfect poses.

1. Long Sleeve Yoga Top

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Having something to comfy slip into before and after a yoga class will make traveling to and from the yoga studio a breeze. Aside from helping with your commute, a long sleeve yoga top also comes in handy for warming up and cooling down. Wear it to slowly warm up your muscles before class, keep it near you during the tougher parts of class and throw it back on for a warm, cozy savasana.

2. Yoga Tank Top

yoga essentials

Stretchy, breathable tank tops are comfortable to wear and allow you to have a full range of motion as you work on those tricky poses. Look for something fitted to prevent your tank top from shifting during inverted poses like downward dog. Tank tops are especially nice during sweat-inducing yoga classes like power flow and hot yoga.

3. Yoga Pants

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While yoga pants have become a wardrobe staple for running errands, watching movies and hitting the town with friends, they are also great for -- you guessed it -- yoga! The stretchy nature of yoga pants is what makes them so perfect for this stretch-happy sport. Yoga pants are also form-fitting, which allows you to go into all sorts of poses without worrying about accidentally showing extra skin. Another useful characteristic of yoga pants is their breathability; no need to worry about over-heating!

4. Water Bottle

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A water bottle might be one of the most overlooked yoga essentials. As with any type of fitness, staying hydrated is a must. Often yoga classes include a short water break halfway through; be sure you bring a water bottle so you can take advantage of this hydration pause and other moments that allow for a quick sip.

5. Yoga Mat

yoga mat

A yoga mat offers the perfect posing surface. It's soft, grippy, water-resistant and won't irritate your skin. While many yoga studios let you borrow mats, this is a low-cost yoga accessory you'll be happy to have for yourself. Owning a yoga mat means you never need to wonder whose feet were last on a surface you put your face dangerously close to. It also lets you practice at home once you become comfortable with a few key poses.

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