5 Great Hikes You've Never Heard Of

When thinking about great hikes in the United States, it's likely the John Muir Trail, the Appalachian Trail, or Continental Divide Trail will come to mind. However, there are many great hikes that remain unknown to most even though they have just as much charm. Here are 5 great hikes you've never heard of.

Popo Agie Trail

The Popo Agie trail follows the Popo Agie River where it cascades over several rock outcrops before flowing into Sinks Canyon, near Lander, in Wyoming. The hike is a 3 mile out-and-back trail, and it features spectacular views of the canyon. Though the hike is relatively short, it's packed with great scenery. There are plenty of places to stop to enjoy the numerous falls you encounter along the way. With over 660 feet of elevation gain, the Popo Agie trail will leave you feeling accomplished without wearing you down.

Popo Agie Falls

East Inlet Trail

The East Inlet Trail is a Colorado hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. The trail is part of a larger trail system that provides many loop options, but you can do it as an out-and-back trip as well. The trail meanders through a meadow before climbing up a steep-walled basin, finally ending near Lake Verna. The Lake Verna Campsite is a great stopping point, but if you're feeling adventurous you can turn back and put in a 13.8 mile day. The trail gains 1,515 ft of elevation, but don't worry. There are plenty of reasons to stop to enjoy the view.

Lake Verna

Jenny Lake Trail

The Jenny Lake trail winds through Teton National Park. This hike features great views of the iconic Tetons. While the scenery doesn't change much over the course of the flat 6.5 mile hike, the abundant wildlife sightings in the area keep you excited to see what's around each bend.

Mishe Mokwa Trail

The Mishe Mokwa Trail is located in California, and it's often regarded as the most beautiful hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. The trail is 6 miles round trip and climbs 1,400 ft. The trail features beautiful views from Inspiration point and shear cliffs where you can watch climbers make their way to the top. At the highest point along the trail you get great views of the Pacific Ocean catch glimpses of Santa Monica Bay.

Mishe Mokwa Trail - Flickr

Spirit Arch

Arch Canyon features 3 arches close together that are quite the spectacle. Located in the San Rafael Swell, this area gives you the feeling of being in Moab-like setting with much fewer people.  This Utah hike begins by dropping down a half mile to the bottom of a wash. You can then choose to go up Petroglyph Canyon to the left or Arch Canyon on the right. The hike is a short and easy hike and the 3 rock arches make it a memorable hike.

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