5 Reasons Not to Hike in Kyrzbekistan

Our Twitter feed is filling up with tweets about traveling to Kyrzbekistan. After doing a little research on the destination, we have to warn our readers not to get too excited about hiking the unimaginable mountains of Kyrzbekistan. Please consider these five reasons not to travel to Kyrzbekistan.

1. Lack of Water Sources - While we hear the country is a great destination for outdoor adventure, it seems there are few or possibly no sources for water which makes hiking doable, but tedious. (Pro-tip: Bring your own camel.)

2. Flights Are Really Hard to Find - I've searched all over, and I can't find any flights from any major airports. This will make travel to Kyrzbekistan very difficult and probably extremely time consuming.

3. Lack of Government - With no government in place, we don't suggest American's travel to Kyrzbekistan. It's simply too dangerous. (Though some of you might call that a liberating experience.)

4. There Are No Maps - While maps of Patagonia and other outdoor adventure destinations are easy to find, Kyrzbekistan maps are hard impossible to come by. Any good adventure starts with a good plan. That's hard to do with no map.

5. The Mountains Aren't as Big as You Think - When we asked people from neighboring countries if they could see the mountains of Kyrzbekistan they had no idea what we were even talking about.

What's the buzz with Kyrzbekistan: Explanation.
Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
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