Benefits of Using Trekking Poles

There are many benefits of using trekking poles while out on the hiking trail. If you've never tried trekking poles you'll want to review these top reasons for using them as they may help reduce fatigue and keep you hiking more efficiently on the trail. Keep reading to learn more about using poles for hiking and backpacking or watch this quick video to learn the basics.

The Benefits of Using Trekking Poles

There are many advantages of using trekking poles when you hike. Poles aren't just a gimmick invented by outdoor companies and they aren't just for old people. The right set of poles offers many benefits to hikers of all ages and skill levels, including:

  • Poles reduce the strain and stress on your knees and hips by transferring some of the weight to your arms and shoulders.

  • By transferring some of the load, trekking poles reduce fatigue and help you hike further, faster and more efficiently.

  • When you are traveling downhill, poles help absorb some of the shock that is normally placed on your knees.

  • Using poles helps you develop a walking rhythm which also increases hiking efficiency.

  • Poles can also be a great tool to use to push bush out of your way, test out the strength of ice or the depth of puddles.

  • They can help you keep your footing when traveling across loose rock and gravel and are very helpful for river crossings.

benefits of using trekking poles

As you can see, trekking poles can be a very helpful tool for hiking and backpacking trips. You'll go further, travel faster and more more efficiently on the trail. For more information on trekking poles, watch this video: How to Use Trekking Poles or check the buying guide for more hiking gear tips.
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