Are You Making This Common Hiking Mistake?

Hiking is basically walking, right? It's easy. Anyone can do it but are you making this common mistake?

Many hikers have discovered the advantages of using trekking poles but many people are using them incorrectly. Take a look at these two photos and decide which one is the correct way to hold a trekking pole.

Trekking Pole grip Reaching straight through the strap to hold the grip

hold a trekking pole Reaching up through the strap then grab the grip

So what do you do? Reach into the strap and grab the pole or reach up through the strap then grab the pole?

Photo two is correct. To get the best grip you want to start low and reach up through the strap then grab the pole. This way you can push down on the strap with your hand (the space between your finger and thumb) without relying on the strength of your fingers. With this grip you can take full advantage of the trekking poles without finger and hand fatigue.

Holding your poles like this will keep you hiking longer and more efficiently. Now that you know how to hold trekking poles correctly get out and try it.

What other ways have you incorrectly used outdoor gear in the past? Is there a gear misuse you've seen a lot of on the trail? Tell us in the comments below. 

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