4 Great Dog-Friendly Adventures

There is nothing dog owners love more than their own dogs. (I know, I've seen you post pictures on Facebook and Instagram over and over.) Dogs make great partners for hikes, trail runs, camping trips and even bike rides. They are always ready to go, they don't question your plan and they do it all with a smile on their face. Here are our top 4 dog-friendly adventures.

Dog -friendly Adventures Photo by Christina Ackerman

Hiking with dogs

This is pretty simple. Dogs love going for walks. They love it even more when its through a forest or natural area. It's great for dogs to get out for longer walks and out on trails where they can experience different smells. Follow these: tips for hiking with dogs.

I enjoy hiking with my dog because she has so much fun and then is wiped out for the rest of the day. I know she loves it and I enjoy having here with me on the trail.

Trail Running with Dogs

Trail running really is just an extension of hiking. Depending on the dog and the physical shape of the dog, a good trail run may the perfect outdoor activity for your dog.

Before you run with your dog make sure you stay within a comfortable pace for the dog and pay attention as the dog gets tired. Don't over do it.

Camping with Dogs

Dogs love camping. Whether it's light backpacking or car camping a dog makes a great companion for any camping trip. Be sure to plan ahead and bring plenty of dog food, water and provide a space for the dog to sleep.

Biking with Dogs

Depending on the dog, mountain biking could be a great activity. Some breeds love running and will keep up with you. Don't push a dog to the point of exhaustion. Start slow and be sure the dog is trained to stay with you.

Hiking with dogs

Dogs make great companions and are perfect friends to share your outdoor adventures with. Be a responsible dog owner by picking up after your pet, keeping them under control and bring drinking water for your dog. If you plan ahead you can take your four-legged friend on many dog-friendly adventures.

Are you looking for tips on how to do more dog-friendly adventures? Check out our Tips for hiking or Camping with Dogs.
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