TrailTime Tips: Fill Your Bottles From A Shallow Stream

The map clearly shows a creek, but when you arrive with empty bottles and an unquenchable thirst, you find only a trickle. No sweat, you can easily use this cool trick to fill your bottles or water bladder from a shallow stream.

Tip of the Week The water is too shallow to fill a bottle to the top.

How to Fill a Water Bottle in a Shallow Stream

1. Find a place where the water is slowly trickling over a rock or log.

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2. Place a large leaf or the wind screen from your camp stove at the drop off in such a way that the water flows over it. Use a small rock to hold it in place.

fill water Create an extension where you can easily fill your bottle.

3. Place your bottle under the newly formed 'spout' and fill it to the top.

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4. Sanitize your water and enjoy.

Want to see this in action? Watch this video: Water Filling Tip.

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