Greyrock: A Great Day Hike

On Saturday morning the sun was shining bright and the temperature was expected to hit the 50's here in Northern Colorado so it was easy to transition from wanting to go skiing or snowboarding and instead hit the trails for a beautiful day hike. I picked up Chris Martin, a fellow member of the Voice of Sierra team, and headed for the mountains. We selected the Greyrock trail which is a very popular hike located up the Poudre Canyon northeast of Fort Collins, CO.

This area was partially burned last summer in the massive High Park Fire which is the second most destructive wildfire in Colorado's history. I find it interesting to venture into burn areas to see how much of the trees are okay and to see new signs of life sprouting all around. We encountered a few small groups of burned-out trees but the Greyrock Trail was spared from the devastation that many other nearby areas received.


We quickly began our uphill climb under beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine. The trail splits at the bottom allowing for a loop which makes for an enjoyable 7.15 mile hike. With 2,515 feet in round-trip elevation gain, we enjoyed roughly a 4 hour trek through pine and aspen trees, open grassy meadows and a little scrambling up the final stretch. The views from the summit were amazing. We could see vast flatlands to the north and east, beautiful foothills all around us and snow covered peaks to the West.

Greyrock Peak

It was a fun afternoon and the destination was well worth the effort. While I'd love to do more snowboarding and snowshoeing, I have to admit this warm day hike has me pretty excited about spring hiking. Stay tuned to the Sierra SocialHub as I'll be posting a lot of trip planning and conditioning post to help you get ready for some big adventures this summer.

What outdoor adventures have you been up to lately?

Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
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