Energy Bars, Chews or Gels: How to Choose Energy Food

Big adventures take a lot of energy. It's important to fuel your body with food before during and after a hike, bike ride or day on the ski hill. There are many different energy bars, energy gels and energy chews available. How do you know how to choose the right energy food for your activity? Watch this quick video or keep reading to find the right energy food for you.

Great taste is obviously important but you also want to consider the stage of activity you are in. Your body has different needs before, during and after an activity. Let's look at the different types of energy food.

Energy Gels

Great energy good during the activity:

  • Quickly turned into energy by the body.

  • Come in small and easy to consume on the run packaging.

  • Light weight and packable for any activity.

Cliff Shots

Energy Chews and Bites

Also good for use during an activity.

  • Take a little longer to be digested than gels.

  • Great at replacing salts and carbs.

  • Easy to bring on the trail.

Energy Bars

Best suited for use before or after an activity.

  • Energy bars take longer for the body to digest.

  • Require more water to break down the bars.

  • A great source of protein and fat.

  • A great option for fueling your body before the activity or for refueling the body after the activity.

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Andy Hawbaker
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