#JMT2013: Quick Update

Our great social experiment - convincing two team members to document their epic adventure on the John Muir Trail for #JMT2013 - is ongoing. We've had a few hiccups - getting updates in the latter part of the trip has been difficult - but at least we here at STP HQ don't have blisters.

Actually, maybe we wouldn't mind the blisters. It sounds like the guys, Chris and Andy, have had their challenges, but they're feeling great and look to summit Mount Whitney Friday. They're right on time.

I got a satellite phone call this morning (big thanks to their partner in hiking adventures, Paul Osborn from Outdoor Adventure for loaning his satellite phone!). Both Chris and Andy sound energetic and happy, despite earning the right tell this story repeatedly. Keep reading!

They called from Glen Pass and hope to clear Forrester Pass today. Likely, they'll camp at the base and take on Forester in the morning. (Update! The guys felt good, and they headed to the top of Forester Pass! We know this because ... look at Chris Martin's smile!)

The trio got reception on top of Forester Pass on the John Muir Trail, and we got this great snap to share! The trio got reception on top of Forester Pass on the John Muir Trail, and we got this great snap to share!

From day two on they've been running a bit ahead of schedule. And then it rained on Pinchot Pass.

"We had these monsoon winds and a ton - a ton! - of rain," Chris told me. "My tent is pretty dependent on being staked, but the ground saturated and my tent became a sponge."

Sounds rough right? It got worse.

"A wind gust came up, tipped my tent and it flooded," Chris said. "I crawled in with Paul."

Sounds cozy, right? Well, it also delayed their start the next day to 11 a.m. because they had to let Chris' down sleeping bag dry.

Overall, the guys feel great. Chris is suffering from blisters and everyone's feet are sore after a day on the trail. (They're averaging at least 15 miles a day, I think.)

"But our legs can go forever," Chris said with a tiny bit of glee.

While Chris and I chatted, Andy scrambled up a ridge to see if he couldn't get a 3G connection. Back on the trail, he filled me in on a few details.

"I'm amazed at how clear all the water is up here," he said. "We can see all these lakes in the valleys and it's just stunning."

So, they've covered 159 miles of their 200 in just 10 days. They'll do 16 miles tomorrow, and summit Whitney Friday about 11 a.m. Pacific time.

"We promise you we'll have more pictures and video then," Andy said.

We can't wait guys!

To stay on top of their location, check out Paul's FindMeSpot page.

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