Mistakes in the Outdoors: We've All Done it

Outdoor adventures rule. Getting away from the stress of your job for a few hours on the trail, some time on a climbing route or submersed in the backcountry is good for the soul but you've got to have the right outdoor skills or be with the right people to stay safe. Once in a while we all make mistakes in the backcountry. Maybe we get lost, forget to bring water, or put ourselves in danger, whatever it is we can all learn from others' mistakes.

Even seasoned outdoors people have stories about their biggest mistakes in the outdoors. Just for fun, I asked our #STPLive (Twitter Chat) Community to share some of the lessons they learned the hard way. Here is what we got:

Jessica Selections_008
Jessica, @YDWWYW:
Jessica took her newbie hiker boyfriend and Dachshund on a 17-mile hike. Her boyfriend was totally unprepared and the dog had to be carried out. Find out what happened and learn from their mistakes.

Full Story: You Did What with Your Weiner



Landon, @landonfaulkner_:

A story of a backpacking trip fraught with mistakes, hunger and a broken window. How the heck does that even make sense while backpacking anyways?

Full Story: Landonfaulkner.com



Justin, @JustinLFricke:

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