Outdoor Safety Tip: Don't Be a Fool, Start Cool

Starting a hike, run, bike ride or other outdoor aerobic activity when it's cool outside might tempt you to layer up, but don't. Leave your jacket or additional long sleeve in your pack, or don't bring it at all. Here's why.

When getting after it outdoors, you're bound to work up a sweat. Starting an activity with fewer layers may leave you feeling chilly at first, but your body temp will rise as soon as your heart gets pumping. Once you warm up you'll be glad you don't have to take a pause from the fun to shed a layer, and so will your friends. If you'll be gaining significant elevation or will be outside for a long period of time, go ahead and bring extra layers in your pack. Otherwise forego the added weight and ditch those layers all together.

Aside from taking up precious space and time, starting an activity while too bundled can be dangerous. It's common practice to avoid moisture-holding fabrics like cotton in the outdoors. There's a reason we have fun sayings like "cotton is rotten" and "cotton kills," and that's because wet clothes lead to cold clothes, and cold clothes lead to hypothermia. And hypothermia can lead to death.

The takeaway here is to avoid drenching your duds by wearing breathable fabrics and by avoiding sweating up a storm in too many layers. In other words, don't be a fool, start cool. Following this simple rule will make having fun outdoors a little safer and more enjoyable.

See this tip in action! Just hit play on the video below.

What other safety sayings have you learned while exploring the outdoors? Share your knowledge in the comments!
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