Top 20 Ingredients to Create Your Own Ultimate Trail Mix

When I'm five miles into a good hike and hankering for a snack, I generally won't reach for an energy bar. Don't get me wrong, eBars have gotten much better in recent years, but they still tend to be a little brick-like and unappealing. I much prefer a good old-fashioned trail mix.

Fortunately, modern trail mix has evolved quite a bit from the simplistic GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) my dad used to chew on back in the seventies. For one, we now have these things called Craisins®, which come in original (cranberry), blueberry and pomegranate! Beats the heck out of regular raisins, if you ask me.

The beauty of trail mix is that it's only really best trail mix ingredients, all of which can be mixed and matched to form the perfect combination of snacking bliss!

* Craisins (original, blueberry or pomegranate)
* Dried Pineapple
* Turkish figs
* Banana chips
* Dried mango
* Chopped dates
* Whole roasted almonds
* Candied walnuts
* Shelled pistachios
* Cashews
* Honey-roasted pecans
Other goodies:
* Crystallized ginger
* Shelled sunflower seeds
* M&Ms
* Chex cereal
* Reese's Pieces
* Granola
* Mini pretzels
* Grape Nuts cereal
* Wasabi peas
What's your favorite trail mix ingredient? Check out these additional ideas for tail mix: Ultimate Trail Mix, Revisited.

Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
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