What Does #TrailTime Mean to You?

Backpacking or mountain biking, you're on a trail.
Portaging on a lake or camping in the mountains, you're on a trail.
Running off the pavement or trekking in to reach the crag, you're on a trail.

Trails are a wonderfully magical place, full of adventure and beauty, no matter the location. Damp, swampy trails in Florida or high alpine trails in the Rocky Mountains, they all offer an incredible journey.

I first fell in love with trails as a tiny tow headed kid. The oldest of four kids, I was the cautious adventurer, always following the instructions given to me by my dad but ready to explore the flowers and wildlife around me with my brother. Not much has changed today - I love exploring any trail I can get my feet on and satisfy the adventurer in me by learning as much as I can about ways to play on trails.

But whether you first found the trails as a child, adult or somewhere in between, I bet you remember your first hike, your first summit, your first mountain bike tumble and your first this-trail-feels-never-ending trip on a trail. That one time you got a giant, painful blister trying to break in new boots on big climb and that time you almost caught 'the one that got away' before trekking back out. The time you slept outside of your tent just off the trail under a sky bright with twinkling stars and the time you got up while the stars were still twinkling to hit the trail before the sun.


The reasons we love and continue to come back to our trails are as varied as the person but one thing is universal: trails offer unmatched adventure and possibility. On trails, we can push beyond our comfort zone and grow as adventurers and as humans. We can learn and practice new skills and make new friends. We tell stories of past experiences on trails and dream about future moments that become the next well-loved stories.

On trails, we breathe in the fresh air and exhale adventure.

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