Family Adventures: Exploring Something New

I love hiking with my family. Spending an afternoon in the outdoors with my kids is my ideal way to spend a weekend. We go on family adventures almost every weekend for hiking, snowshoeing, family camping or just exploring.

We've lived in the same area for over 7 years now and it seems like I'm always hiking the same trails. Sure, in the summer I cover some miles to hike 14ers or other mountain peaks that are further from my home but for short family adventures we tend to stay near our home.

Family Adventures

This weekend, our friends asked us to hike Arthur's Rock in Lory State Park located outside of Fort Collins, CO. Lory State park is only about 25 minutes from our home but I had never been there before. Honestly, I've avoided it because of the $7 entrance fee. With so many city and county open spaces in the area and with Rocky Mountain National Park located near by, I just couldn't justify the expense.

On this mid-winter afternoon, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon hike up to Arthur's Rock. The 3.5 mile round-trip hike wound through beautiful rock outcroppings, pine forests, open meadows and led us to an amazing view point where we could overlook all of Fort Collins and the surrounding area.

Family Hiking Arthur's

We enjoyed fresh air, some exercise and valuable time with our friends and family but most of all, I realized how much fun we'd missed out on by never visiting the State Park located right in our backyard. This hike was just the right distance for my kids and led to a rewarding view.

What outdoor opportunities are you missing out on in your area? I encourage you to try a new hiking trail or new park. We all get caught up doing the same types of activities in the same open spaces. You can refresh your workout by running on a new trail or have more fun in the outdoors by simply exploring something new.

Where have you been exploring lately? Is there an outdoor adventure waiting in your area that you've never experienced? Comment below to let us know all about it.
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Andy Hawbaker
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