Get the Most Out of a Family Ski Day

You bit the bullet. You forked over the cash to take the family skiing for the day. You're imagining the family ski day being just like those long powder days you enjoyed before you had kids but you know that keeping your children warm, happy and having fun all day is going to be difficult. Don't worry, we've been there. Follow these 5 tips to get the most out of a family ski day.

All smiles on a recent family ski trip It's all smiles on a snowy lift ride.

  • Set the kids up with gear that fits - Nothing is going to shorten a ski day faster than a child wearing boots that are too small. If the gear doesn't fit, they'll be cold, uncomfortable and you'll likely hear about it.

  • Keep it fun for everyone - Don't push the kids to do a double black diamond. Keep the ski day fun by skiing terrain that everyone can enjoy. Play games on the chair lift, keep encouraging them to improve and keep everyone thinking positive and everyone will want to continue knocking out runs.

  • Take breaks - Don't try to overdo it. My family likes to go back to the car after a couple hours of riding hard. We can go back to the car, eat a sandwich, hydrate and relax or we can go into the lodge and warm up to some hot chocolate. The breaks keep everyone hydrated, fed and feeling good about the day. A nice break usually allows us to pack in a few more hours of skiing before everyone is ready to go home.

  • Watch the Olympics - No seriously. My girls are learning to snowboard this year and watching the women's snowboarding helped get them excited about getting better and working their way up to the half pipe. Seeing the best of the best doing tricks totally got them excited to get better.

  • Make it a tradition - Every weekend, once a month or twice a season (whatever works for your schedule and budget) get out and ski and snowboard as a family. The more you do it the more everyone will fall into a groove plus they'll get better and it will be more fun each time.

I've been taking my kids snowboarding all season. They love it and we're having more fun each time we go. Hopefully you'll find these tips helpful for getting the most out of a family ski day. Do you have other tips or trick for keeping the kids going on the ski hill? Enter them in the comments below.

Family snowboarding The family that rides together...
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