Kids Nature Activity: Nature Bingo

Are you looking for a fun kids nature activity? Have you tried Nature Bingo? It's a fun and easy outdoor adventure that is suitable for preschoolers through elementary aged children.

This fun nature activity will have your kids busy searching for items in the outdoors and will sure to make your time in the outdoors more fun. It's like a nature scavenger hunt, but when you find something you simply draw a picture of it and leave it behind for others to enjoy.

This is a really easy kids nature activity that is fun for kids to do while on a hike.

First, you'll need to make a Nature Bingo Card. Make your bingo card by writing down things that you're likely to find on a hike in your area. Think of the types of vegetation, animals and rocks you'll find on the trail and keep seasonality in mind. (Example: in fall you look for leaves, in spring you'll look for flowers.)

Kids nature activity

Then take your children to any natural area and send them out hunting for the items. When they find something on the page like a special rock, a pine cone, animal tracks, or a certain flower, have your child draw what they found right on the page. Just like Bingo, if you get any four in a row you win. After you get a bingo, try and find as many more as you can.

This activity makes an afternoon in nature more fun for kids. They learn more about the items they find, and you can discuss what these items are doing in nature. Just grab a backpack, some drawing supplies and your bingo card!

My kids always enjoy looking over their drawings on the car ride home and they talk about all the fun things we found. Drawing really makes the items come to life in your child's eyes and helps them remember more of what they experienced.

Kids Nature Activity

Another option with younger children is to use pictures or clip art in the boxes and just have them search for items and check them off. For young children, identifying items in nature is plenty fun. But if the child can draw I recommend doing this kids nature activity as described above.

Try Nature Bingo or any other kids nature activity with your children this summer. Your kids will have fun, learn about the outdoors, get some fresh air and hopefully ask you to keep taking them on hikes.

Have you tried this activity with kids? Leave us a comment below to let us know how it worked for you and your kids.
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