Raising Wimps: Are Parents Teaching Kids to Never Grow Up?

Today's kids play on padded playgrounds, lather up with hand sanitizer and receive a trophy for every sport they play. Have parents taken all of the risks and disappointments out of childhood and replaced them with a sense that you can't lose and will be protected along the way? What are the long-term effects of raising children to never grow up? We'll examine a recent article from Psychology Today and discuss it Wednesday 5/15/13 at 4pm MDT on #STPLive.

The toys young children play with today have bells, whistles and flashing lights. Many toys have something that happens when you push the button. There is a safe and known result when young children play with their toys. The imagination and creativity of childhood has been replaced by pre-designed play and hours of watching TV.

Dangerous playground toys have been replaced by safer alternatives. The concrete that used to skin kids knees has been replaced by soft rubber surfaces. Children aren't allowed to play on their own. Even the organized sports have evolved to where the children are coached by adults exactly where to stand and what to do on the field. They take specific direction for parents and coaches on everything the do but even with heated competition, they still receive a ribbon or trophy even if they don't come in first place.

In high school, student use their cell phones as a crutch to call mom anytime there is a problem. Kids never have to think for themselves because they can call mom or dad any time of day. Teenagers never have to think for themselves and therefore never have the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes.

When these children reach college they finally have a little freedom and they don't know how to handle it. Many students turn to alcohol as an easy way to fit in and to rebel against parents who watched their every step. According to an article in Psychology Today, college students are increasingly battling with depression because they've never learned to grow up.

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