Snowboarding with Kids: A Family Outdoor Adventure

Last week I had the opportunity to teach my youngest daughter to snowboard. I've been snowboarding for 15 years. I taught her mother how to ride many years ago and had taught her older sister too. After recently turning 6 years old, it was Sienna's turn to learn our family's favorite winter outdoor activity.

If you haven't been snowboarding with kids you should try it out. They actually learn a lot quicker than adults because they have a lot of energy and it doesn't hurt them as much to fall down. My kids love snowboarding and picked it up pretty quickly. It is pretty cool to be sharing one of my favorite outdoor winter activities with my children.


Our family of four packed all of our gear into the car and headed up to the ski resort. Once we arrived at the mountain, Sienna and I quickly found the bunny hill and started working on the basics while mom and sister took the larger lift for some turns of their own. Within a short time she had the stance, balance and a pretty good heel edge.

As we all got tired and the day was winding down, I realized we had discovered a winter outdoor activity that we all enjoyed. We packed up the car and headed to a restaurant to get everyone a tasty meal. We laughed and told stories of the things that had happened on the hill. My wife kept saying how this day reminded her of the ski trips she took as a family when she was a kid. I was really happy to be providing my children with experiences that they will always remember.

Tired Kid Snowboarders

After our early dinner, we finished our drive home. It wasn't long until the girls were slouched over passed out in the back seat of the car dreaming about the next family snowboard trip. Nothing says success in parenting like happy, worn out kids, quietly sleeping in the back seat.

What fun outdoor adventures do you share with your kids?
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Andy Hawbaker
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