How Not to Travel with an Infant

If you have ever tried to travel with an infant you know how difficult it can be. Young families shouldn't have to stop their adventures because of a newborn. Follow these tips on how not to travel with an infant from Amanda Speer.

Feeling extra patriotic this year, our little family scheduled a trip to the capital of the United States for the July 4th long weekend.

Washington DC is always busy and it was no less so this time around. On our to-do list was to hit up some museums, catch a Nationals game, and watch the Fireworks.  Being always budget-minded, we carefully planned out our trip in advance complete with hotel and car rentals, lists of restaurants and exhibits on view for free.

But none of it went down that way. Because as you all well know that the best laid plans...So here are three helpful tips from our lesson-learned fiasco of a trip:

1. Learn how to install a car seat before you go You may think you're hip for renting a car, but the attendants can't help you install the car seat you've also rented. Little did we know car seats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some buckle into the seat belt, some buckle into the seat itself. And there are age, weight, and seatback angle variations for infants and toddlers and everything in between. Consider yourself warned.

Travel with an infant


2.The metro is almost as loud as your kid's crying Ever get embarrassed by your kid crying in a public place and beg him to not do this to you right now? On the metro you don't have to worry about that at all! The noise in there is WAY louder than your screaming kid. So go ahead and let him flip out, no one will bat an eye.

Travel with an infant

3.Blankets over a kid's head don't count as sunscreen Decided not to bring that sunscreen or that cute little hat because you figured you wouldn't be outside too much? WRONG! Did you know it's a trek to hike from one metro stop to another? A blanket does not sunscreen make and your child's head will be pink by the end of the day.  And you might feel so guilty and begin pondering all the potential ramifications of how you've now ruined him for life.

How to travel with an infant

Do you travel with an infant? What traveling tips do you have to share with the community? Enter your how to travel with an infant tips in the comments below.

Amanda Speer

-Amanda Speer writes about being a mother and small business owner as well as other topics on her blog.
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