10 Best Outdoor Themed Beers

Many people would agree that outdoor activities go well with a cold refreshing beer. Trail runners, cyclists, hikers, skiers and climbers all enjoy unwinding with a cold drink after a fun day of exercise. Some microbreweries have honored their connection to these outdoor activities in the names of their beer. Here's a list of the 10 best outdoorsy named beers.

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1. Out of Bounds Stout - Avery Brewing Company, based in Boulder, Colo., offers up this delicious stout dedicated to backcountry skiers. With a photo of a skier poaching some deep powder on each bottle, this beer is a great reward after a day of skiing or snowboarding.

2. Chainbreaker White IPA - An afternoon of mountain biking requires something to quench your thirst. Deschutes Brewery's bicycle themed beer is light in color but full of hops, making it the perfect end to a day on the trails.

3. Long Trail Ale - Vermont based Long Trail Brewing Company's signature ale is dedicated to those thru-hiking the famous Long Trail. With a backpacker on each bottle, it's clear these guys get the connection of beer and the outdoors.

4. Run Off IPA - When that snow starts to melt and the rivers start to rise, our kayaking buddies have a lot to celebrate. Odell Brewing Company's award winning beer is the perfect refresher after braving the rapids.

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5. Derailleur Ale - Is it really any surprise that Moab Brewery offers a Derailleur Ale and the Over the Top Hefeweizen? These bicycle themed beers are perfect after riding the Slick Rock Trail.

6. In-Tents India Pale Lager - Base Camp Brewing Company (I know, do I have to go any further?) based in Portland, Ore., delivers a crisp and clear lager that's been dry-hopped. Sounds In-Tents for sure. Other beers from base camp include S'more Stout, Carabiner Cream Ale and the Acclimator Doppelbock.

7. Singletrack Rye Pale Ale - A recent re-branding has removed the mountain bikes parked next to a cooler full of beer on these bottles but this ale is still a refreshing end to a day of racing down the singletrack trails.

8. Weekend Warrior Pale Ale - Karbach Brewing Company, based in Houston, Texas, offers up the Weekend Warrior Pale Ale. Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us are weekend warriors when it comes to the outdoors. So let's cheers to weekend warriors everywhere.

9. Trout Slayer Wheat - Anglers unite, Big Sky Brewing Company is brewing up a wheat beer dedicated to trout fishing. Let's give this brewery bonus points for beers named Moose Drool and Powder Hound too.

10. Yard Sale Winter Lager - Of course, the term 'Yard Sale' is slang for when a skier falls and their gear is scattered across the mountains. Uinta Brewing Company captured that unfortunate situation on it's artwork making this a great skiing themed beer.

What did we miss? There are so many great outdoor themed beers, tell us your favorite.

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