10 Fly Fishing Flies for Spring

Looking to up your fly fishing game this spring? Get ready to net some fish with these 10 fly fishing flies that are perfect for spring fishing.

1. Tungsten 20 Incher Nymph

High, off-color spring waters can make for tough fishing, but with a heavy tungsten cone and rubber legs, the Tungsten 20 incher nymph gets deep and provides a substantial offering to lethargic trout.

spring fly fishing flies

2. Otter's Soft Milk Egg

Both rainbow and cutthroat trout spawn in the spring. When they do, their eggs enter the river and become an easy source of food for brown trout.  Otter's Soft Egg is the perfect representation of an egg cluster.

Fly Fishing Fly

3. Tungsten Zebra Midge

A must-have fly any month of the year, the Zebra Midge is particularly effective early in the season before the major mayfly and caddis hatches get started. A small, red Zebra midge can sometimes save the day on tailwater fisheries.

fly fishing flies spring

4. Beadhead San Juan Worm

When spring river flows get high, worms are often displaced from the bank and trout take notice. Fished under an indicator, the basic San Juan worm can be deadly.

fly fishing flies spring

5. Coffey's Conehead Sparkle Minnow

Looking for one big fish rather than numbers? The Sparkle minnow is big, flashy and gets deep fast. You can swing it, strip it or dead-drift it in search of big, early season brown trout.

Fly fishing Fly minnow

6. Jumbo John Nymph

Most freestone rivers have healthy population of big stonefly nymphs. Boasting rubber legs, flash and a heavy wire body, the Jumbo John offers a great alternative to your standard stonefly nymph.

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7. Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph

The Pheasant Tail nymph catches trout everywhere, all year long. During the spring, it's an especially valuable pattern that matches Baetis (Blue Winged Olive) nymphs perfectly. Try fishing one in a size 16 or 18 prior to the main hatch.

fly fishing flies spring

8. The Fly Formerly Known as Prince Nymph

How do you improve upon a classic? Add a beadhead and a flashy, holographic wing. This fly gets to where trout are lurking and the added flash helps to catch their attention through stained water.

fly fishing flies spring

9. Scud

Scuds are a year-round food source in tailwaters and spring creeks. Fished on a dead-drift, a scud will often keep your rod bent.

fly fishing flies spring

10. Parachute Dry Fly

Hendricksons on the Delaware River? Blue Winged olives on the South Platte? Sulphurs on the South Holston? If you plan on fishing any mayfly hatches, you should have some of these in your fly box. A basic parachute dry fly fools fish and stays visible to the angler.

fly fishing flies spring
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Ryan Bunn
Ryan Bunn is the fishing and hunting buyer for Sierra Trading Post. Growing up in New York state, he spent his youth fishing and hunting the Adirondack and Catskill mountains. He currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado and spends most of his weekends exploring the Rockies in search of wild trout in remote locations.
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