10 Great Brands Made in the USA

It can be pretty disheartening that the number of products being made in the United States has dwindled to just a fraction of what it was several decades ago. However, American manufacturing has started to make a comeback, and there are still a lot of great American-made brands that never left. Aside from creating jobs, there are many good reasons for companies to consider making things in America again, from advances in manufacturing technology to the protection of intellectual property. In the meantime, here are 10 awesome American-made brands that are available right now at Sierra Trading Post.

Brands made in the USA

Liberty Bottle Works

It seems apropos that we start our list with an American-made brand that has liberty built right into the name. Based in Yakima, Washington, Liberty Bottle Works has been turning recycled aluminum into fantastic water bottles since 2010. Not only does Liberty make solid water bottles, they also support a variety of great organizations, including the Conservation Alliance.

Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

There aren't many fabric mills still operating in the US these days, and even fewer that are able to create goods from raw fiber to finished product. Although they don't churn out blankets and scarves by the metric ton, the people at Faribault Woolen Mill Co. in Minnesota take great pride in what they do, and they've been doing it since 1865.

Old Town

Old Town has been helping people discover the love of canoeing for 114 years. Headquartered in central Maine, this brand has a long-standing tradition of American craftsmanship and a deep love for the great outdoors that permeates every single Old Town canoe and kayak. Whether you're looking for a classic touring canoe or a sleek fishing kayak, Old Town will outfit you with a superior-quality American-made water craft you can trust.

SmartWool- Barand Made in the USA


Created by two ski instructors in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, SmartWool makes super-comfortable socks using high-quality merino wool imported from New Zealand. Although their apparel and accessories are manufactured overseas, 90-percent of SmartWool's socks are knit in the good-old USA. Sounds pretty smart to us!


Of course, we couldn't mention SmartWool without also mentioning DeFeet. Based in North Carolina, the peeps at DeFeet have been making foot-friendly, high-performance socks right here on American soil since 1992.

New England Shirt Company

If we told you there is a 200 year-old factory still making shirts in Fall River, Massachusetts, you might not believe us. Well, believe it, because the New England Shirt Company is the real deal. If you want a spiffy sport shirt or dress shirt that's made in America, you can't go wrong with a shirt crafted in The Bay State.

Snowshoes made in the USA


Redfeather has been pushing the boundaries of technical innovation to build incredible snowshoes in La Crosse, Wisconsin for more than 25 years. Starting with their groundbreaking aluminum V-tail snowshoe first introduced in 1988, Redfeather has continued to improve snowshoe performance with advancements like the Live-Action Hinge system and easy-to-use bindings.

Stormy Kromer

Way back in 1903, a retired semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer named George "Stormy" Kromer asked his wife to modify his wool baseball cap by adding an ear flap. It wasn't long before fellow railroad workers were asking Stormy for hats, and a company was born. In 2001, a man named Bob Jacquart acquired the Stormy Kromer brand and has continued manufacturing the original six-panel hats at a factory in Ironwood, Michigan. Over the past decade, Bob has grown the company and added more products, including Stormy Kromer clothing, which is also made in the USA.


Founded by life-long paddling enthusiast Mike Cichanowski, Wenonah Canoe is an award-winning canoe brand headquartered on the south bank of the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota. Wenonah canoes are designed, manufactured and tested in Minnesota by a tight-knit team of dedicated craftspeople and canoe lovers. After 40 years in the biz, the folks at Wenonah still refuse to compromise on quality, and that will likely remain an ongoing tradition for another 40 years and beyond.

Shoes brands Made in the USA

New Balance

Did you know that New Balance has been manufacturing a portion of their footwear in the USA for more than 75 years? It's something this brand is extremely proud of, especially considering fewer and fewer American footwear brands are still making products domestically. To be specific, approximately one out of every four pairs of New Balance shoes sold in the United States is also made in the US, and the brand currently employs about 1,300 American factory workers. You can read more about it at NewBalance.com.
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