3 Small Gifts for Co-Workers to Show Your Appreciation

Like it or not, you probably spend more time with your co-workers than you do with your closest friends. Why not show your co-workers how much you appreciate them with a small gift? If you have no idea what to buy, we have a few ideas. Take a look at these three gifts that are great for co-workers.

1. Gloves

SmartWool NTS Micro 150 Gloves - Merino Wool, Touchscreen Compatible: $12.99; Compare at $30.00

gifts for co-workers

A quality pair of gloves can be appreciated by anyone making a morning commute in chilly weather. SmartWool's NTS Micro 150 Gloves are made from merino wool for the ultimate comfort and warmth without extra bulk. The moisture-wicking tendencies of merino wool give these gloves the versatility to work for running or as an extra layer under cycling or skiing gloves. Touchscreen-compatible pads on the thumb and index finger will allow your co-workers to use their smartphones without needing to expose their digits to frigid air.

2. Headlamp

UCO Comfort Fit Headlamp: $19.99; compare at $39.99

gifts for co-workers

Your co-worker doesn't need to be an avid camper or hiker to get use out of a headlamp. This hands-free lighting option adds visibility to evening walks and bike rides as well, which is especially useful in the winter when daylight is so limited. UCO's Comfort Fit Headlamp is lightweight and bright, so your co-worker can enjoy the extra light without the extra weight.

3. Socks

Bridgedale Cross-Country Ski Socks - Merino Wool: $9.99; compare at $20.95

co-worker gifts

Socks are a surprisingly customizable gift. Sierra Trading Post carries socks for skiing, socks for snowboarding, socks for hiking, socks for running and socks for lounging. We even have socks for cross-country skiing, like Bridgedale's cross-country ski socks. Weight, cushioning, ventilation and height all come into play when selecting the perfect sock. Add a fun design to the mix, and you've just found the perfect gift.

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